TORs and Activities
[2nd Term]
TOR 1.
To support WHO environmental health programme by developing training programmes for LMICs and environmental health indicators
  • Activity 1.Assist WHO to develop environmental health indicators of the member countries of Asia-Pacific Regional Forum on Health and Environment
  • Activity 2.Support WHO by developing and implementing training workshops to build environmental health unit's capacity of LMICs of WPRO
TOR 2.
To cooperate with WHO in enhancing children’s environmental health capacity by reducing environmental exposure and diseases in children
  • Activity 3.Assist WHO to develop an online training course on children’s environmental health in Korean and English, based on WHO Training Package on Children’s Environmental Health for health professionals of WHO member states
  • Activity 4. Assist WHO Headquarters in developing new Global Framework for Action on Children' Environmental Health, 2018-2021
    ※ TOR : Terms of Reference
[1st Term]

TOR 1.
To conduct collaborative research projects with WHO aimed at finding risk factors for environment-related disorders in vulnerable population
  • Activity 1.Development of children's environmental health indicators
  • Activity 2.Biomonitoring and survey on environmental exposures and health in children and adolescent
  • Activity 3.Environmental exposures and health effects in elderly population
TOR 2.
To transfer knowledge and experience to strengthen research capacity in developing countries, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region
  • Activity 4.Development of guideline for reduction or prevention of vulnerable population’s environmental exposure and its health effects
  • Activity 5.Technical assistance to harmonize birth cohort study in Children's Environmental Health to promote the establishment of the study in Asia
  • Activity 6. Information exchange program for vulnerable population and environmental health
TOR 3.
To assist WHO by hosting and participating in international programs and collaborative research on vulnerable population and environmental health
  • Activity 7. International symposiums and workshops